Are you interested in the idea of coworking but do not necessarily know if it is for you? Here are a few reasons of why you might want to consider joining us today!


  1. You are a startup, a freelancer, or an entrepreneur on a budget

In the early stages or a startup or in your work as a freelancer, we know that every cent counts and that you shouldn’t divert any cash towards any avoidable expenses. Coworking provides you with a cheap alternative if you do not have the funds to rent out a full office space as well as a number of other key benefits. Here at Do It Better Coworking, our rates start at 100 CHF per month in order to provide you the best value possible.


  1. You are looking for a work community

We know how difficult it is to motivate yourself as an entrepreneur and the benefits of having others around you with similar aspirations and ambitions. By joining a coworking space you are choosing to surround yourself with others like you that know the challenges of launching your own business and know the local area. Learn from others and receive support from others that have been there before you!


  1. You are looking for a way to separate your private and professional life

We understand that it is difficult as an entrepreneur to separate your professional and personal life. But an easy way to establish such a boundary is to stop working from home. No more worrying about your chores piling up and every other distraction imaginable! At Do It Better, we ensure that everything is done in order to make sure that your work environment is used, for one thing, work!


  1. You are looking to share your expertise and receive some from others

We all need a bit of help sometimes and why not ask for it from an expert in the field. In our coworking space, you will be able to find people from all kinds of field. So whether you need help for your website, your SEO, or a marketing campaign you are working on, you will always find someone here to help you. At the same time, this also gives you an opportunity to give back towards those who may need your help and build your network within the startup ecosystem.


  1. You are looking for a space to organize your events

Whether you work in event management or are looking to organize some events for your team, why bother with picking a venue far from your workplace while you could pick one inside your workspace? Whether you are looking to receive clients, potential employees, or some executives, our customers receive preferential rates to book our conference room and have free access to our meeting room regardless of the type of subscription.


  1. You are looking for a space that is easily accessible

Finally, we understand the benefits that you receive from picking a workplace not too far from home. Noone wants to commute for 2 hours a day and our coworking gives you the chance to have a space right in the center of Lausanne. Whether you would like to stay out for an Afterwork or simply get home after a long day of work, our location provides you with both options depending on your mood.


If you feel that any of these points resonate with you, please feel free to drop by Do It Better Coworking for a visit and a free one day trial !