About coworking

Coworking is a new approach to work organization. People with different activities work in a common workspace. One of the other denominations reserved for this type of organization is the collective office.From the perspective of spatial planning these coworking spaces are considered tertiary activities. Often coworking spaces are set up in abandoned buildings and premises such as depots, old schools or factories.

Several factors have led to the development and expansion of this type of organization. The lack of retail space, which has resulted in an already exorbitant price increase, has prompted new entrepreneurs and freelancers to organize themselves in coworking in order to benefit from the infrastructure necessary for the development of their projects, all at a reduced price.

The first coworking was founded in 2005 by a computer scientist. The lack of communication in the office than led on him and the productivity at home was too insufficient to work there continuously. These reasons led him to open the first coworking in the form of a cooperative in order to offer potential members workplaces, internet connection, meditation breaks, simple meals and bike rides in exchange for monthly contributions . The following year he closed his first coworking and founded a new one with his partners, of greater magnitude this time.

Nowadays coworkings have become widespread and represent the most appropriate form of organization for young entrepreneurs. Especially in Switzerland, where every large city has many common workspaces, which greatly encourages technological progress and long-term economic development.

For its part, Lausanne counts approximately 10 coworking places. The managers of these workspaces meet regularly with his association “Coworking Romand” to coordinate the common policy and promote the concept of coworking to the population.

In order to give entrepreneurs the opportunity to benefit from a coworking, as of January 2016, the team of the Valentine Legal Consultation has put all its forces in development of coworking “Do it Better”. This coworking was set up in a premises of approximately 350 m2 and, up to date, already hosts a few companies and a dozen novice entrepreneurs. Coworkers already benefit from the legal support provided by the Consultation.


In order to encourage the development of projects within coworking, the establishment of the School of Development follows its course. The school will provide entrepreneurial and marketing courses which will enable the coworkers to acquire the knowledge necessary for the expansion of their business.

The coworking “Do it Better” invites everyone to try this new way of organizing work and join the community.