Our partners

Valentine’s legal advice which will provide first-aid advice free of charge to “startuppers”. Such consultations shall consist of indicating the way forward on the basis of the information received so that the problem or legal question posed can be resolved by the contractor himself. The law firm will also offer additional services to the hostels at the partner price.

Tiki4 is a company focused on providing support for budding entrepreneurs and freelancers by providing 4 key services.

1. Organizing key contests in the local startup ecosystem

2. Business consulting (business plan, pitch, workshops)

3. Marketing and digital marketing consulting

4. Event management

Cannelle Rebelle offers different services such as event planning and event management, cake designing, catering and workshops for both adults and children. Everything is available 100% vegan, lactose-free, gluten-free on demand.

Startupticker.ch is the online platform for young entrepreneurs, innovators and supporters. The hub increases the visibility of young Swiss companies and serves to highlight the diverse and vibrant start-up scene.